Well hello WordPress…

Seeing as everyone seems to think blogging is the best way to get what is plaguing my thoughts out of my head, I’ve decided to give this whole “I’m a blogger” thing a go. Warning: I am notoriously LAZY when it comes to actually following through with things like this, so expect a hell of a lot of inconsistency in terms of post rate etc.

Considering I’m writing this for myself I’ve already sidetracked into talking to an unknown audience. Hello anonymous. I hope you’re enjoying the rambles so far. I’m waving, just so you know. I’m not insane. Promise. Just a little screwed up. Like the rest of the world. Right?

Oooookay… So, where to start? Yesterday I met my new therapist, who looked uncannily like Mark Corrigan, minus the side parting and comedic timing. To be honest I think I would have preferred Mark Corrigan. At least I would have be assured that the contempt I felt was real and not imaginary. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I have fantastic paranoia tendencies. Surprise treat for you! What else? Well I adulted and a) took my medication – albeit hours late, b) ate afternoon snack – kind of , c) picked up my other medication which I will actually remember to take thanks to two alarms.

So on the whole today has been okay, not only did I actually wear a bra out of the house (my breasts are hardly more than freckles to be honest), I also brushed my teeth (yes I know that being an achievement is disgusting), AND tidied my room. ADULT LIFE HERE I COME! (I’m 29…)

First post done. Now back to procrastinating the day away. Bliss.


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